Sponsors & CROs

Sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) worldwide partner with Envision Trials to develop drug, medical device, and diagnostic products across numerous therapeutic areas. Whether you’re looking to perform a single-site study or a complex, high-volume trial, Envision Trials will ensure you have the right investigators, clinical staff, and patients for your research program.

Areas of Therapeutic Excellence




General Medicine

Breadth & Experience

Sites across the U.S.

Principal investigators

Studies conducted

Leading investigators.

Experienced clinical staff.

Envision Trials' principal investigators are deeply engaged in its network structure, and every site is staffed by full-time research personnel. Many of Envision's investigators are sought after to assist with protocol design.

This expertise, paired with Envision Trials' fully-equipped research sites, facilitates fast, high-quality acquisition, analysis, and provision of data.

When outcomes depend on the therapeutic expertise of your sites, Envision Trials is the partner of choice.

High-performance Recruitment.

A Happier Patient Experience.

With dedicated call centers, Envision Trials simplifies recruitment, screening, consenting, retention, and follow-up processes for clients and participants alike.

Every site in the network is also supported by full-time recruitment specialists to drive local outreach. Envision's sites are located in demographically diverse areas to support proportionate representation in clinical trials.

Even for high-volume and hard-to-recruit research programs, Envision Trials often exceeds enrollment and retention targets.

Fully-engaged Sites.

A Versatile Clinical Infrastructure.

Envision Trials' site network is built to quickly initiate trials and scale operations as necessary.

Beyond accommodating the soft infrastructure required to support your study, Envision Trials can also integrate new or unique technologies or treatment approaches to run specialized studies. Envision Trials can also align with your central IRB or central laboratory.

Study Support

Facility Features